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Low Back Pain Chiropractor in Park Ridge

When you hear about sciatica, you rarely associate it with natural remedies. So it might be pretty surprising to hear that a low back pain chiropractor in Park Ridge can help you turn things around and reduce your sciatica symptoms. But how exactly can vertebral bone manipulations help relieve a lumbar spine problem? More importantly, how long does it take before you see changes? Let’s explore more about one of the most popular natural sciatica relief options below.


Sciatica and Your Spine

Sciatica affects the most extensive nerve bundle in the body, so it causes severe symptoms ranging from paresthesia in the affected lower limb and radiating lower back pain. According to studies, sciatica can stem from a long list of conditions and situations, including: 

Spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a common problem that afflicts aging individuals. It can develop because of several factors, including bone overgrowths and thickened spinal joints. The nerve passageway along your vertebral column narrows when you have this condition, leaving your nerve roots like the sciatic nerve at risk of getting pinched or irritated. 


Osteoarthritis affects roughly 23 percent of adults in the USA. It’s also among the leading causes of sciatica pain because it triggers rapid deterioration of the discs, joints, and vertebral bones. 


Excess body weight can put undue mechanical stress on your lower back. The extra pressure from the new layers of body tissues can cause the lumbar spine to get dislodged from its original alignment and compress your sciatic nerve. 


Diabetes triggers an inflammatory response that further aggravates joint and disc deterioration and myelin sheath damage. The inflamed areas of the body can also put pressure on muscle fibers and nerve bundles, leaving you prone to developing or aggravating sciatica symptoms.  

Disc herniation

Did you know that up to 20 out of 1000 people can develop disc herniation? While it’s more common among seniors, doctors note that it can also occur in younger people, especially those who frequently injure their back and neck. 


Notably, sciatica can also develop during pregnancy due to the compromised spinal structure of an expecting mother. As the child grows inside the womb, the center of gravity of a woman’s body also changes. This causes the bones to shift and pinch nearby tissues like the sciatic nerve. 

Accidents and injuries

Sciatica can also develop because of work-related incidents, car accidents, neck trauma, and sporting injuries. These things can damage or overextend the spine, causing the bones to get dislodged and misaligned. 

Vertebral subluxation

Vertebral bone shifting is a common side effect of traumatic injuries to the head or neck. It can also develop because of repetitive motions and poor body posture. 

Many patients who schedule a consultation session with our low back pain chiropractor in Park Ridge have off-centered spinal bones. Unfortunately, they become susceptible to nerve compression in the lumbar region because of their situation.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and back pain, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

How to Reduce Sciatica The Natural Way

When you get diagnosed with sciatica, your first instinct is to find a suitable remedy. And because sciatica tends to become a long-term issue, it’s crucial to develop a practical and sustainable way to relieve the symptoms. Otherwise, you will mostly depend on pain relievers and muscle relaxants to improve your condition. 

So, how do you curb sciatica symptoms naturally? Are there proven techniques that you can use? Here’s a quick list of natural remedies for sciatica symptoms:    

Shift into a physically active lifestyle 

An active lifestyle can help you prevent a plethora of health concerns, including sciatica and lower back pain. Primarily, it helps patients like you improve blood circulation and strengthen the bones and muscles. The stronger muscles, bones, and connective tissues you have, the less likely you will develop problems like sciatica pain. If you already experience sciatica symptoms, we strongly recommend doing low-impact exercises. This way, you can still maintain an active lifestyle without physically over-exerting your body. 

Avoid doing repetitive activities

As mentioned above, repetitive motions like carrying a heavy load the wrong way can affect your spinal alignment. So, as much as possible, you should avoid these activities or find a better way to do them to lessen the impact on your vertebral column. 

Reduce alcohol consumption 

Excessive alcohol consumption can trigger premature disc damage. It can also compromise your vertebral bone structure, increasing your chances of developing degenerative diseases and adding more pressure to an already-irritated sciatic nerve. 

Seek a low back pain chiropractor in Park Ridge

Besides tapping into lifestyle adjustments such as those listed above, it’s equally important to seek a specific chiropractor. After all, sciatica pain primarily originates from postural imbalances. So naturally, if you manage to correct the root cause of the postural imbalance with specific chiropractic adjustments, you can potentially eliminate the symptoms and help the body heal quickly. 

Thousands of patients have opted to receive specific chiropractic care so they can recover from the excruciating pain and other symptoms of sciatica or lower back pain. Many of them rave about the gentleness and preciseness of the spinal adjustments.   

Hence, if you have already tapped into other sciatica pain remedies but have seen little to no changes in your symptoms, we suggest scheduling a visit to our practice. This will allow our specific chiropractic doctor to provide you with the initial assessment and determine if the technique can help resolve your health complaints.  

As the leading low back pain chiropractor in Park Ridge, Dr. Andrew O’Neill strives to provide quality patient care. Experience a different level of healing and sciatica recovery at the Optimal Health Family Chiropractic. Call us at 201-505-8984 or schedule your appointment with our specific chiropractor today!


To schedule a consultation with Optimal Health Family Chiropractic, call (201) 505 - 8984, or just click the button below.

Lower Back Pain Relief in Park Ridge, NJ

In order to help you get lower back pain relief in Park Ridge, NJ, your doctor needs to know what is up with your back. Sometimes, you know precisely why your lower back is in pain. For example, maybe you worked on your desk for too long with a slouched posture, or perhaps you lifted something so heavy using the wrong lifting form. These things can injure your lower back. 

However, other times, the root of lower back pain can be unknown. Identifying it may just lead to confusion since low back pain can stem from many possible sources. For example, it can result from an underlying medical condition, an injury, or some activity. Additionally, low back pain may be linked to problems in the spinal cord, lower back muscles, ligaments around the spine, lumbar spine, and the discs between the vertebrae. 

If you want to uncover the possible cause of your lower back pain, then you are just on the right page. Our Park Ridge, NJ chiropractor shares some of the most common and rare causes of low backache in this blog.


Common Causes of Low Back Pain

Lumbar Strain

A lumbar strain is an injury that occurs in the lower back. The effects of lumbar strain can happen suddenly or gradually after doing repetitive movements. 

It may result from improper use or overuse of the back muscles. Lumbar strain could also occur due to mild or severe trauma that hurts your lower back. 

Other common causes of a lumbar strain include:


Traumatic injuries (from car accidents, slip and fall incidents, or sport-related accidents) can harm your lower back. They can affect the tendons and ligaments of the lower spine, resulting in muscle pain and weakness. Additionally, it can compress your spine and cause the spinal discs to herniate or rupture in no time. If you have endured a lower back trauma in the past, be sure to visit your doctor right away to attain lower back pain relief in Park Ridge, NJ.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and back pain, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

Lumbar Arthritis 

The following forms of arthritis may significantly affect your lumbar spine. Watch out for these, says our Park Ridge, NJ chiropractor.


One of the most common types of arthritis, particularly in older adults, osteoarthritis can cause mild or severe pain, inflammation in the joints, and stiffness in the lower back. The disease can occur due to the deterioration of the cartilage in the lower back. Additionally, it can be severe enough to cause damage to your spinal nerves or spinal cord. 


This form of arthritis can cause your bones to lose mass. As a result, your bone can become more prone to injuries, even with the slightest trauma. Osteoporosis can stem from an underlying inflammatory disease, hormonal fluctuation, or aging. Moreover, this kind of arthritis can also affect your lower spine. As a result, you will feel some weakness and pain in your lower back. 

Spinal Misalignment 

A crippling and intense lower back pain may signify spinal misalignment. The spine can get out of alignment for several different reasons. For example, a spinal misalignment may occur after a sustained neck or head injury. Other times, it could occur due to poor sitting, sleeping, and standing posture. Moreover, a misaligned spine can cause the nearby tissue or bone to compress on the spinal nerves. As a result, you may feel radiating and burning pain, tingling, or numbness in your lower back. 

If you suspect you have a spinal misalignment, be sure to visit our Park Ridge, NJ chiropractor. He can examine your spine and provide lower back pain relief in Park Ridge, NJ through specific chiropractic adjustments.


Relatively Rare Causes of Lower Back Pain 


Although it is uncommon, lower back pain could still be a possible sign of cancer. Few cancers that trigger a lower back pain symptom include:


As infection progresses, you may feel a whole lot of possible symptoms, including low back pain. Spine infections are not really common, but they pose a significant risk and pain. When left untreated, infections can lead to more severe health risks. 

Here are a few types of spinal infections:

Spinal epidural abscess

This commonly occurs in the lower back or lumbar spine. It results from an infection in the area around the spinal cord. Symptoms of this infection may include tenderness in the spine or lower back pain. 

Spinal cord abscess 

A rare type of spinal infection, it exists on its own inside your body. A spinal cord abscess can cause severe back pain, fever, and severe spinal dysfunction when left untreated.


Get One Step Closer to Lower Back Pain Relief in Park Ridge, NJ 

As mentioned, a spinal misalignment can be a root cause of lower back pain. Optimal Health Family Chiropractic is here for you to correct any spinal error. Dr. Andrew O’Neill, our Park Ridge, NJ chiropractor, can provide you with long-lasting relief. He will do this by precisely examining the misalignment and gently correcting it.  

Our amazing team will help, educate, and empower you to optimal lower back pain recovery. Our specific method is safe and natural and can boost your body’s ability to relieve pain. Your whole family is most welcome to set an appointment with us. Schedule your appointment through this online form or call us at 201-505-8984.


To schedule a consultation with Optimal Health Family Chiropractic, call (201) 505 - 8984, or just click the button below.

Dodge Low Back Pain, lower back pain relief in Park Ridge

Low back pain affects millions of lives. The sharp, stabbing and debilitating ache can ruin plans, hopes, careers, and health in many ways. The truth is, sometimes, low back pain is self-inflicted and we are to blame for its frequent onset. Some things that we do are actually hurting our back more than helping.

It’s time to stop the vicious cycle of chronic back pain. This blog will discuss the seven things you should stop doing to attain lower back pain relief in Park Ridge. 

#1. Smoking 

If you smoke, take this as a sign to quit the bad habit. Smoking is one of the most leading culprits that can fire up lower back pain. Smoking can give you a temporary feeling of ease and satisfaction—that’s what makes it addictive. However, the long-term effects of smoking can actually harm many areas of your body, including your lower back.

Cigarette contains nicotine, which can alter the size of blood vessels in the body and can cause damage to the muscles and ligaments in the spine. It also decreases the flow of nutrients and blood to the spine, which causes disc degeneration. Over time, these problems cause low back pain.

#2. Giving in to the stigma surrounding low back pain

Unfortunately, despite the high prevalence rate of low back pain anywhere in the world, there are still people who invalidate the pain and struggles of back pain sufferers. The stigma causes some healthcare providers, employers, and family members to underestimate or downplay what back pain patients are dealing with. This is the reason why many people refuse to seek back pain treatment. 

The stigma won’t go away on its own. That’s why you need to take control and flip the switch. Do not ever be afraid to ask the help of trusted and licensed professionals. Be sure that you advocate for your needs when you feel undertreated and misunderstood. 

#3. Drowning in stress

Stress affects our bodies in a lot of ways. Of course, all of us get through a stressful moment. But when you don’t handle stress well, it may cause tightening and tension in your lower back muscles. This would be the beginning of your crippling back pain. 

One effective way to reduce stress and prevent low back pain is to stretch and exercise regularly. Physical activities can help release the tension and tightness in your lower back. So, move your body before and after a busy workday.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and back pain, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

#4. Frequent bending

Frequent bending is a common cause of low back pain. This awkward position can add a significant amount of pressure on your lower back and excessively stretch your back muscles. Moreover, frequent bending can also cause muscle spasms and poor posture, which can contribute to lower backache.

To protect your entire spine, make sure that you avoid repetitive bending of your lower back. For example, when you pick something up on the floor, you need to keep your back straight and bend your body using your knees, not your waist.

#5. Ignoring your body cues

It is very important to be more in tune with your body. Your body constantly sends messages to the brain, which helps you understand your current health status. Take lower back pain, for example. This pain signals that something inside you needs to be changed, explored, or adjusted. By listening to this message from your lower back, you can keep the damage down to a minimum. 

Learning how to tune into your body can allow you to achieve lower back pain relief in Park Ridge. This will help you improve your everyday health from being in so much pain to feeling amazing.

#6. Overexerting your back

Moving, lifting, and carrying heavy loads can cause you to overuse your back. These repetitive actions may cause mild to a severe back injury, especially when you accompany it with poor lifting posture. Also, heavyweights can cause you to round your back, thus placing your hips at an awkward angle. This problem causes stress and pressure buildup around your spine ligaments.

So, if your job involves carrying heavy weights, be sure to engage your pelvis and keep your shoulders balanced so you won’t have to overextend your back. 

#7. Avoiding movements

One of the most overlooked methods to get lower back pain relief in Park Ridge is moving your body. Instead of staying in bed all day while waiting for a back pain miracle, you should engage your body in simple exercises. This can help reduce the stiffness in your lower back and keep your tendons flexible. In addition, exercise can also help increase the flow of blood and nutrients to your back, speeding up your recovery.


Enjoy Natural Lower Back Pain Relief in Park Ridge

If you’re suffering from lower back pain and you’re missing the good old days when you weren’t suffering, then it’s time to seek the help of a professional—ideally a specific chiropractor.

Optimal Health Family Chiropractic, led by Dr. Andrew, can give your lower back the care it needs for recovery. Our specific chiropractor will gently and precisely adjust the misalignment in your spine to get you back to optimal health.  

Are you ready to lift the weight off of your shoulders and live a pain-free life once again? Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew. 

To schedule a consultation with Optimal Health Family Chiropractic, call (201) 505 - 8984, or just click the button below.


The golden years are not always a bed of roses for older adults due to the pains that come out as we age. Unfortunately, back pain is likely to happen along with aging. Studies noted that 16 million adults experience chronic back pain in the United States. 

Besides the age, misconceptions about back pain hinder older adults from getting proper care. So, if you’re over 65, we highly encourage you to read through to the end. This article will break down five back pain myths to help you shift your mind and introduce lower back pain chiropractic solutions in Park Ridge that can help you regain your health. 

Myth #1: "I need surgery ASAP!"

Hey, slow down. We know that the pain can postpone or hinder you from actively doing the things that you love most, making you feel like it’s the end of the world. However, it does not mean you would rush to a decision and think of surgery as the only answer.

If your back pain is due to sedentary living, returning to leisure activities and hobbies is essential to your recovery. In fact, older adults who live active lifestyles manifest better mental and physical improvements.

If your body can still move and get up, then it would be bad for you to stay in bed all day. Regular activities, such as walking to the kitchen to get a glass of water can help increase strength and improve your vitality. You need to start gently to prevent injuries. Start with something small and build up from there.

Here are some steps you can take to recover quickly from back pain:

  1. Consult with your doctor to know the best activities you can perform for a speedy recovery. 
  2. Get that body moving.
  3. Engage in light to moderate physical exercises.

Before you go right straight to a surgeon, you might want to consider having chiropractic care. Lower back pain chiropractic solutions in Park Ridge can help locate the root of your problem. 


Myth #2: "My back hurts! I should stay in bed all day."

Most older adults decide to have a prolonged bed rest, being one of the most popular treatments recommended for back pain. However, you need to know that keeping your body active and moving can provide you with more long-term benefits.

A study showed that prolonged bed rest could result in a slower recovery. So, what shall you do to aid back pain if you shouldn't glue yourself to bed?

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and back pain, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

Myth #3: "This is just a little back injury. It’s not serious."

Yes, your back pain could stem from an injury. However, back pains could also result from something more serious. That debilitating pain does not sprout out of anywhere. The truth is, some of its causes may be coming from other medical conditions.

The condition causing your backache might have been present there for a very long time. You never know you may have a kidney problem, tumor, a wearing disc on your spine, or muscle tension. Also, a problem in the spine could contribute to back pain. If any part of the spine misaligns, the whole structure would likely get affected. This could then result in more severe issues in your body.

You can access lower back pain chiropractic solutions in Park Ridge if you have some issues in your spine. 


Myth #4: "A back belt is what I need to recover fast."

No, a back belt is not what you need. There's no single research that proves the efficacy of back belts in aiding back pain. This would be another unnecessary purchase that would just get stuck in your storage room. Even with a back belt, you mustn't exaggerate in bending your back. This advice should apply to all the heavy activities that you plan to do. 


Myth #5: "My back needs only a few stretches." 

Stretching is good. It helps improve your performance in doing physical activities. Also, it could help your muscles work best. However, stretching has downsides when it comes to back pain due to a severe injury. Therefore, it is essential to consult your physician before beginning an exercise or even just a simple body stretch.


Effective Lower Back Pain Chiropractic Solutions in Park Ridge 

How is specific chiropractic beneficial for older adults? 

Optimal Health Family Chiropractic is committed to providing lower back pain chiropractic solutions in Park Ridge. We take a precise method and careful analysis in correcting the misalignment within your spine. Dr. Andrew can lead, empower, and educate you in this optimal, safe, and natural way to support your back's recovery. 

So, if you do not want to live your golden years in pain and frustration, now's the time to make a difference. Contact Optimal Health Family Chiropractic today. We can provide you with specific adjustments to help restore your health and ease your back pain. 

To schedule a consultation with Optimal Health Family Chiropractic, call (201) 505 - 8984, or just click the button below.

Sciatica might be a word you heard from one of your family members, friends or colleagues, but have no clue about. It’s among the most alarming symptoms for many healthcare professionals, including Dr. Andrew O'Neill, our lower back pain chiropractor in Park Ridge.

But what is sciatica really? How does it feel to live with sciatica pain? How bad can it get? More importantly, what are your options to alleviate the pain it causes? 

Sciatica: A Common Problem

Millions of adult Americans have sciatica, a problem that causes searing back pain. Usually, it only affects one side of the hips and buttocks. Then, the pain radiates to the leg, thigh, and toes. As a lower back pain chiropractor in Park Ridge, Dr. O'Neill has noted several sciatica symptoms from our patients, such as:

Some sciatica patients, especially those with extreme nerve damage, experience worse symptoms like bilateral pain and loss of bowel control. Those people often have to call for immediate medical assistance due to the debilitating effects of the symptoms.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and back pain, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

The Leading Reasons Behind Painful Sciatica

Unfortunately, it’s a life-long condition that can cause varying levels of pain and discomfort. It primarily affects the sciatic nerve, a long nerve bundle that runs from your lower back to your toes. Sometimes, this nerve gets compressed or irritated, triggering the onset of sciatica. 

Here are some of the most likely reasons why your sciatica symptoms started to appear:

Herniated discs 

A bulging or slipped disc accounts for millions of sciatica cases in the country. Essentially, your discs serve as the spine's cushioning material. They prevent your vertebral bones from rubbing on each other as you move. Unfortunately, an intervertebral disc can bulge or rupture, causing the material to leak and irritate the neighboring nerve, such as your sciatic nerve.

Bone spurs

Osteophytes or bone spurs grow when you have arthritis. It’s a bone overgrowth with an angular shape that mainly develops along the joints. Sometimes, bones overgrow and press on the sciatic nerve, causing nerve irritation.

Worn out discs

As we grow older, the intervertebral discs also begin to deteriorate. Sadly, when they start wearing out, it increases the risk for the bones to slip and press on your sciatic nerve. It can also cause your nerve passageways to narrow - a condition doctors refer to as spinal stenosis. When this happens, your nerves also become prone to getting compressed or irritated.

Rheumatoid arthritis

According to CDC, roughly 72 million Americans might get diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis by 2030.  It’s an autoimmune problem that develops at any age and can inflict massive pain and discomfort to an ailing patient. Unfortunately, it also increases one’s risk for sciatica because the inflamed joints tend to pinch the nerves. 

Lumbar spine tumor

When a tumor grows along the lumbar spine, it puts your nerve roots at risk of getting pinched or compressed. As it increases in size, it also puts more and more pressure on the nerves, causing you to experience worse flareups. Permanent nerve damage is also very likely. 

Spinal infection

Rarely but possible, sciatica can stem from a spinal infection. Similar to the conditions we shared above, an infection also puts undue pressure on the nerves. Besides causing you intense back pain, a spinal disease can also weaken your spinal column, making it susceptible to fractures. 

Cervical spine misalignment

Besides the conditions and diseases we mentioned above, studies also consider spine misalignment as a leading cause or trigger of back pain. This problem frequently follows a neck trauma or injury. So, if you suffered from a car collision, whiplash injury, or a jolt to the head during a football match, you might have misaligned spinal bones. Misalignment of the spine can be the root cause of a pinched or compressed sciatic nerve. 

Visit Our Lower Back Pain Chiropractor in Park Ridge for Sciatica Relief

Sometimes, it’s hard to grasp the impact of sciatica until you experience it yourself. It’s a horrible condition that can prevent you from enjoying physical activities, causing you to feel constantly bad for yourself. 

Fortunately, you can now tap into healthcare innovations such as specific chiropractic. With this natural and holistic approach to healing, you have a better chance of coping with sciatica symptoms. Essentially, specific chiropractic is a unique chiropractic approach that focuses on restoring the alignment of the spine from neck to bottom. 

Unknown to many, the spinal bones are highly susceptible to slipping away from their original positions. This is all because of their flexible nature.

Thankfully, with the help of a lower back pain chiropractor in Park Ridge, you can slowly re-adjust your spinal bones and restore your spinal column’s natural curvature. In effect, this also removes the stress on your sciatic nerve, allowing you to experience fewer sciatica flareups. 

Are you seeking a natural way to relieve your sciatica? Consult with Dr. O'Neill.

To schedule a consultation with Optimal Health Family Chiropractic, call (201) 505 - 8984, or just click the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sciatica Pain

Is it better to move or stay still with sciatica?

It's better to stay active rather than rest. Sciatica pain will increase with prolonged inactivity and decrease with motion. Simple movements like using the stairs can help.

How do I get my sciatic nerve to stop hurting?

Hot and cold therapy can provide immediate relief of sciatic nerve pain. Ice can help reduce inflammation, while heat encourages blood flow to the painful area.

Can sciatica be permanent?

If the sciatic nerve is damaged, it could result in numbness, tingling, and weakness in the knees or legs. If left untreated, numbness and weakness may become permanent.

We strive to get to the root cause of your health concerns rather than masking the symptoms. This unique approach will provide you the opportunity to gain optimal health and help prevent future health issues from arising.

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